CAT 826C LANDFILL COMPACTOR (1995) - Unit #C8653
Machine Hours: 12154

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CAT 826C Landfill Compactor

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  • Caterpillar 3406 DIT Engine
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • 40" High Density Wheels
  • Final Drive Guards and Wire Cutters
  • Front and Rear Striker Bars
  • Hydraulically Controlled Belly Pans
  • CAT Straight Landfill Blade
  • Mirrors, Lights, Wipers, Heater
  • Rated at 341 HP.
  • Approximately 75,000 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

The following repairs were completed by Marcel Equipment Limited at 12,109 hours:

Machine was stripped down and completely washed.

Full visual and operational inspections were completed.

Engine oil filters were cut open and were clean.

Hydraulic oil filters were cut open and were clean.

Transmission filter was cut open and there were a few specs of metal found (see below for the repairs on this).

Filters were cut open to inspected for contaminates; all were clean except for some flakes in the transmission filter.

The following pressures were taken and were within OEM specifications:

- Engine oil pressure

- Fuel pressure

- Transmission pump pressure

- Transmission lube pressure

- Steering pressure

- Hydraulic pressure

During our pressure testing of the machine, the torque shaft broke and that is where the metal flakes came from.

As a result we pulled the engine, torque and transmission as a complete unit.

Disassembled the torque to inspect and all was good.

Disassembled the transmission to inspect and all was good.

Replaced the broken shaft and reassembled units with NEW seals.

Completed repairs on the engine for leaks.

Installed a NEW rear crankshaft seal.

Resealed the rear bell housing.

Installed a NEW set of fan belts.

Installed a REBUILT alternator.

REBUILT and resealed the starter.

Re-installed the engine, torque and transmission back into the machine.

Resealed the hydraulic control valve.

Flushed and cleaned the air brake system.

Replaced the throttle cable.

Repaired the air conditioner.

Installed NEW pins and bearings on the barrel end of the steering cylinders.

Machine is now ready to go to work.   

The following repairs were completed by Marcel Equipment Limited at 10,503 hours:

Replaced the engine main and rod bearings and oil pump was inspected.

Recored the radiator.

Replaced all the belts.

Resealed the front engine cover.

Replaced all of the intake manifold bolts.

Replaced all the heater hoses.

REBUILT the alternator.

Rebearinged the fan hub.

Replaced the steering cylinder pins and bushings.

Replaced the parking brake shoes.

REBUILT the blade control linkage.

Replaced the top articulation pin and bore.

Completed all pressure checks and all were within Caterpillar specifications.

Completed all needed repairs to this machine.