CAT 972M WHEEL LOADER (2014) - Unit #L2641
Machine Hours: 8691 - ECM Idle Hours: 2723 - Load Factor: 27%

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CAT 972M Wheel Loader


  • Caterpillar C9.3 ACERT Engine
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Front Differential Lock
  • Stick Steer
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • Ride Control System
  • 6.25 Cubic Yard GP Bucket with BOE
  • 26.5 x 25 Tires
  • Rear View Camera
  • Autogrease System
  • Lights, Wipers, Heater
  • AM/FM Radio, Mirrors
  • Rated at 337 HP.
  • Approximately 54,875 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

At 8691 hours, the local CAT dealer diagnosed a regen issue and completed the following:

- Updated software.

- Installed a NEW spark plug.

- Tested ARD head and it passed.

- Diagnosed to turbo oulet NOX sensor.

- Replaced sensor.

- Ran unit through tests and all passed.

Upon arrival, this unit was serviced and checked over.

We removed all covers from the machine and completely washed it.

Complete operational and visual inspection was completed.

Engine filter was cut open and checked for contaminates, it was clean.

Engine was then serviced.

Transmission oil filter was cut open and checked for contaminates and it was clean.

Transmission suction screen was checked and it was clean.

Transmission oil was changed.

Hydraulic filters were cut open as well and both were clean.

Front and rear differentials and all four wheel planetaries were checked, oil levels were good and oils were clean, except for rear diff.

Differential oils were changed.

Due to finding metal in front diff oil, we removed axle and disassembled, found a bearing starting to fail. Completed a rebearing and reseal on axle. Replaced brake discs.

Inspected the articulation hitch for play and it was good.

Inspected the rear axle oscillation for play and it was good.

Inspected the loader control frame for play and it was good.

Upon purchase inspection, the following repairs were completed:

Repaired leak at fan pump and fuel charge pump.

Installed NEW bushings, pins and bearings on the rod end of the steering cylinders.

Installed a NEW cutting edge on the bucket.

REBUILT the parking brake with NEW shoes.

Checked the ride control operation.

Replaced ride control accumulator with NEW

Repaired a leak at the implement control valve.

Replaced the pilot accumulator with a NEW one.

Replaced 2 hydraulic accumulators with NEW one.

Tested and serviced the batteries and connections.

Machine was fully greased.

The following pressure tests were performed by Marcel Equipment Limited to ensure they are within OEM specifications:

- Torque inlet and outlet pressure

- Transmission pump pressure

- Transmission lube pressure

- Front brake pressure

- Rear brake pressure

- Implement pressure

- Pilot pressure

- Steering pressure

- Brake cut-in and cut-out pressure

- Brake/Fan pump pressure

- Front differential lock pressure

- Engine boost pressure

- Engine oil pressure

- Brake accumulator pressures

- Ride control accumulator pressures

- Stall speed and Double stall speed

- Fan speed min and max

- All cycle times taken and within specifications.

At 8654 hours due to a valve lifter failure the CAT dealer completed the following:

Removed and disassembled the engine.

Repaired the engine with a NEW camshaft, rod/main/thrust bearings, piston rings, engine oil pump, fuel injection pump and cylinder head.

The engine was then reassembled with all NEW seals and gaskets.

At 7844 hours, the CAT dealer completed a rebearing/reseal of the rear axle oscillation assembly.

This unit is completed and is ready to go to work.