Machine Hours: 10433 - ECM Idle Hours: 4068 - Load Factor 43%

Total Neutral Gear Operating Hours: 5143

Price: Call for details
  • Caterpillar C9 ACERT Engine
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Automatic Reversible Cooling Fan
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Two Pump Hydraulic System
  • Differential Steer
  • Complete NEW CAT Undercarriage Just Installed
  • Salt Undercarriage with 36" Pads
  • CAT S Blade with Trash Rack
  • Front and Rear Striker Bars
  • Rear Transmission Guard
  • Counterweight Drawbar
  • Rear Safety Screen
  • Complete Waste Handler Arrangement Including Final Drive Seal Guards and All Guarding
  • Rear View Camera
  • Ex-Municipal Unit
  • CAT Dealer Maintained
  • Lights, Wipers, Heater
  • AM/FM Radio, Inside Mirror
  • Rated at 208 HP.
  • Approximately 54,790 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Upon purchase inspection, the following was completed:

The local CAT Dealer serviced this machine and completed a TA1 Plus Inspection.

Machine was stripped and completely powerwashed.

During this inspection they completed the following:

Removed the engine oil filter, cut it open and checked for contaminates, it was clean.

Removed the hydraulic oil filter, cut it open and checked for contaminates, it was clean.

Removed the transmission filter, cut it open and checked for contaminates, it was clean.

Checked the suction screens/magnets for contaminates and they were all clean.

Found some metal on the left side final drive magnetic plug - see repair notes below.

Completed complete pressure checks on the engine, torque, transmission and hydraulic and they were all within specifications.

Performed performance checks, including Engine, Transmission, Torque and Hydraulics.

They then serviced the engine.

Engine air filters were changed.

Updated the software in all of the electronic control modules.

Completed a TA inspection form.

Machine was then shipped to the local Cat Dealer for them to complete repairs and replace the undercarriage.

The following repairs were completed by the local Cat Dealer:

Installed a NEW ARD spark plug.

Performed emission system tests to verify correct operation.

Resealed the transmission pump.

Resealed the magnetic screen housing.

Resealed the transmission priority valve.

Resealed the starter.

Installed a NEW torque converter output speed sensor.

Installed NEW battery cable ends.

Linebored the equalizer bore mount on machine.

Rebearinged the equalizer bore.

Completed a bottom end bearing roll-in.

Inspected and resealed the engine oil pump.

Installed complete NEW Caterpillar undercarriage

Replaced required wear strips on the track frames

Marcel Equipment Limited completed the following repairs:

Performed our own visual and operational checks.

Resealed the left side inner recoil spring cover.

Checked all switches and controls in cab.

Replaced the throttle switch.

Checked fire suppression system.

Recalibrated cooling fan speed.

Installed NEW hoses (Steering pump to hydraulic motor).

Replaced two heater hoses at engine shut off valve.

Cleaned heater core assembly.

Due to metal found on the left side final drive:

Replaced two heater hoses at engine shut off valve.

Completed a re-bearing and reseal.

Spindle was sent out for spray welding repairs.

We decided to REBUILD the right side final drive at the same time.

Performed machine calibrations on transmission, steering, brake and implements.

The blade assembly was tightened up with NEW pins and bearings where required.

Cosmetic and welding repairs will be completed.

This machine will be sandblasted and painted upon completion. Photos will be updated at that time.