JOHN DEERE 700J LGP PIPELAYER (2008) - Unit #P5287
Machine Hours: 4901

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  • John Deere 6068T Engine
  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • ROPS Canopy
  • Counter Rotation Steering
  • 30" Single Bar Grouser Pads with NEW Chains, Idlers and Segments Installed
  • NEW Midwestern 540C Draw Works
  • Draw Works and Boom Certified
  • 24 Foot Boom
  • 40,000 LB. Lifting Capacity
  • Engine Enclosures
  • 6 Way PAT Blade
  • Drawbar
  • Mirrors, Lights
  • Rated at 123 HP.
  • Approximately 28,300 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Upon purchase inspection, we completed the following:

Engine oil filter was cut open and checked for contaminates and it was clean.

We then serviced the engine.

Transmission and hydraulic filters were cut open and checked for contaminates and they were clean.

Changed the hydraulic oil.

Changed the transmission oil.

Checked the transmission, final drive and hydraulic oils and they were all clean.

Installed NEW sprocket segments.

Installed NEW track chains.

Installed NEW idlers.

Repaired any leaks on the machine.

Replaced any hoses as required.

Repaired the seat assembly.

Repaired the lights.

Calibrated the transmission.

Resealed the right side final drive.

Resealed the right side parking brake.

Repaired the track frame guards.

Repaired the radiator shroud and guards.

Installed a NEW bearing and pin on the angle cylinder.

Installed NEW pins and bearings on the tilt cylinder.

Installed a NEW Midwestern Model M540C Draw Works with a 24 foot boom.

This unit is now ready to work.