JOHN DEERE 700J LGP PIPELAYER (2006) - Unit #P6467
Machine Hours: 4542

Current Hour Meter Reads: 1836 Hours - Hour Monitor Replaced by

John Deere at 2710 Hours. Total Machine Hours: 4542



  • John Deere 6068T Engine
  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • ROPS Canopy
  • Counter Rotation Steering
  • 30" Single Bar Grouser Pads
  • NEW Midwestern M540C Draw Works
  • Draw Works and Boom Certified
  • 24 Foot Boom
  • 40,000 LB. Lifting Capacity
  • Engine Enclosures
  • 6 Way PAT Blade
  • Drawbar
  • Mirrors, Lights
  • Rated at 123 HP.
  • Approximately 28,300 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Following is the list of repairs and servicing completed by Marcel Equipment Limited:

Serviced the engine, transmission and hydraulics. Filters from all three were cut open and all were clean.

Checked the final drive oil levels and they were all good and oils were clean.

Changed the primary and secondary fuel filters.

Changed the outer air filter.

Resealed the fuel filter housing.

Resealed the hydraulic control valve.

Replaced the hydraulic hose at the traction motor.

Replaced the angle cylinder grease line.

NEW pin and bearing installed on the angle cylinder barrel end.

Replaced the cutting edges.

Replaced the blade pins and bearings.

Checked the parking brake.

One of the pumps was not stroking properly so we replaced the transmission control module.

Installed a NEW Midwestern M540C Draw Works with a 24 foot boom.

This unit is now ready to work.