Machine Hours: 10530 - Neutral Operating Hours: 4157

Price: Call for details
  • REBUILT CAT 3176C Diesel Engine
  • Auto Reversing Fan
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • Pressurized Cab with Pre-Cleaner
  • Differential Steer
  • Complete NEW CAT Undercarriage was Installed
  • 24" Trapezoidal Shoes
  • Multishank Ripper with 3 Shanks is Available - Extra
  • Caterpillar SU Landfill Blade with Tilt
  • Enclosed Transmission Guard with Rear Striker Bars
  • Final Drive Seal Guards
  • Pivot Shaft Seal Guards
  • Fuel and Hydraulic Tank Guards
  • Additional Lighting Arrangement
  • Lights, Wipers, Heater,
  • AM/FM Radio, Beacon Lamp
  • Rated at 258 HP.
  • Approximately 63,000 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Upon arrival to our yard, all covers and guards were removed and machine was powerwashed.

An operational and visual inspection was completed.

The engine filter was removed and cut open (flakes of steel were found in filter).

The following are engine rebuild details (using all OEM CAT Parts)

  • Installed NEW crankshaft.
  • Installed NEW camshaft.
  • Installed 6 NEW liner packs.
  • REBUILT cylinder head.
  • Block was sent out to be checked (everything measured within specs).
  • Installed NEW CAT standard bearings and thrust bearings were installed.
  • Front and rear crankshaft seals installed.
  • Turbo charger was sent out for rebuild.
  • CAT reman fuel injectors were installed.
  • REBUILT water pump.
  • Installed NEW engine oil pump.

Transmission Filter was removed and some aluminum flakes found.

Torque converter removed and rebuilt.

Transmission was removed, dismantled and cleaned as a preventative measure.

Installed NEW CAT seals.

CAT reman transmission pump was installed.

Removed transmission cooler, cleaned and resealed.

Installed NEW hydraulic pump.

Removed and resealed both final drives.

Installed NEW bearings and pins on hard bar.

Installed NEW bearings and pins on hard nose.

Installed NEW sleeves and seals on both sides of idler recoil cannons.

Installed NEW pivot shaft seals on both sides.

Installed NEW bearings on lift cylinder mounting.

Installed NEW bearings on lift cylinder mounting yokes.

Installed NEW alternator and belt.

Replaced fan belt.

Replaced radiator cap.

Checked air conditioning.

Checked all grease points and grease unit.

Checked all gauges, switches, controls and lights.

Load tested batteries and they were all good.

Replaced coolant and hydraulic hoses as required.

This unit has been through our reconditioning process.

This tractor is ready to work.